15 Years Ago – An Earlier Collaboration!

As Ben Ashman says, it really doesn’t seem like 15 years since Ben got in touch & asked Paul Ford & the rest of the team to put one of our jet engines on their Hang Glider! Wow did we have some fun with Ben, Stewart, Catherine Vickers & everyone at Flylight. I still have vivid memories of Ben swooping over several hundred Vintage Bentleys and Rolls Royce’s at one event; in France we all got introduced to the Local Mayor; and the chaps all got to appear in “Loaded” Magazine. It was an amazing ride for everyone involved.

It doesn’t seem 15 years ago that we made this rather dramatic piece of flying equipment. The JetBug.
It was never offered for sale, just kept as a display aircraft. Bloody good fun to fly, even though it only had enough fuel for 6-7 minutes flight, one of the problems with a gas turbine at low speeds. The fuel burn was around 90 litres/hour.
We believe it was the first true gas turbine (jet) powered hang glider. Made the noise of a Harrier Jump Jet and was totally disproportionate for the craft. Great times.