A real shame. Good luck guysToday’s photo of the d

A real shame. Good luck guys Today’s photo of the day features Dave Puleston in the Trig Aerobatic Team Pitts S1D Special. Sadly the TRIG team will no longer be displaying as the pilots have moved on to much better things! This shot was yet another from the fantastic 2014 Sywell Airshow. Source

15 Years Ago – An Earlier Collaboration!

15 Years Ago – An Earlier Collaboration! As Ben Ashman says, it really doesn’t seem like 15 years since Ben got in touch & asked Paul Ford & the rest of the team to put one of our jet engines on their Hang Glider! Wow did we have some fun with Ben, Stewart, Catherine Vickers…

Choose Engineering & Science

Choose Engineering & Science (What’s the betting someone told Brian May he was wasting his time playing the guitar & mucking about with telescopes?) Source

Meanwhile at Comicon…

Meanwhile at Comicon… No flying today, so we had an away day at Comicon, a new experience for us but we had a fantastic time. Source