An Aviation Mystery …

74 years ago today at 13.55 Hrs. a UC-64A Norseman aircraft serial number 44-70285 lifted off from the runway of RAF Twinwood Farm, Bedfordshire.
On board this single engined aircraft was pilot Flying Officer John R.S. Morgan and two passengers, Lt.Col. Norman F. Baessell and possibly the most famouse big band leader in history Major Alton. G.Miller.
There destination was Villacoublay airfield France but this flight was going to be one of aviations most controversial mysterys ever. The aircraft and crew vanished without trace and many wild theorys have circulated about what actually happened. What we do know is that Glenn Millers music lives on and captures the very essence of those dark days of World War 11, when his music gave the boys far from home a glimpse of home life far away which gave comfort and support and hope for a better future.
Today lets remember Glenn Miller and his fantastic music.