Calling all Reenactors – see below.

EDITED to remove the distracting and inaccurate photo’s so we can concentrate on the subject of the post. 🙂

Here’s a curious one…
Any serious WW2 RAF reenactors out there who fancy being part of a DVD we are putting together?
It’s a charity project telling the true story of Crommie the hero Cocker Spaniel and we are filming on what looks like the Saturday 14th April in Godmanchester and the surrounding area. It’ll take probably most of the day (10 – 4)
UNPAID, you’d have to do it for the fun of it, and helping tell a remarkable tale (no pun intended)
We’ll look after food and drinks etc.

We need enactors in ..
RAF Dress Uniform (not flying gear)
WAAF’s if possible
And people who can play the part of agents in 40’s era clothing (everyday Civvy clothes)
Some pictures attached to give you an idea as to what we are looking for.

If you are interested then drop me a PM and I’ll link you up with the gentleman who’s putting the storyboard together.