Good Luck Rocket Man…..

We will be following your journey with great excitement.

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ROADSTER ESCAPES EARTH: Elon Musk’s cherry red Roadster has left Earth orbit. Just after sunset on Feb. 6th, sky watchers across the southwestern USA saw a flash of light and a cloud of rocket exhaust signaling the electric car’s escape from the gravity well of our planet.

“The Falcon Heavy’s third stage burn was clearly visible from Trinidad, Colorado, around 7:30 pm MST,” reports Zachariah Borrego. “While I was watching, my girlfriend Tamera Morton took this incredible picture of the expanding cloud.”

“After spending the previous 4 hours in Earth orbit, this final burn propelled the Tesla Roadster toward the orbit of Mars accompanied by David Bowie’s music,” notes Borrego. “A space oddity indeed.”

The event was widely seen from southern California to New Mexico and Colorado. Experienced observers likened the luminous tip of the cloud, where the Tesla Roadster was located, to a 1st magnitude star.