Naval Visitor confirms Air Craft Carrier Landing!

Today we were honoured with a visit by a wonderful chap, David J England, who last saw our Priscilla the Tiger Moth in 1963.

He has very distinct memories of the first time he saw her, as she was flying downwind of the Aircraft Carrier he was stationed aboard, HMS Eagle. He was a young Navy Seaman, she was being prepared to land by a most adventurous pilot.

Tiger Moths landing on an Aircraft Carrier wasn’t a common occurrence, in fact we don’t believe it had ever happened before, or since. David is very, very lucky to have seen it happen.

We knew Priscilla (G-ADPC) had seen Naval Service; as she was previously owned by the RN Flying Club. We had heard she had been landed on HMS Eagle; the reason given was because it was there, and why not!

David was accompanied today by his actress daughter Rebecca Emma Hutton; the two of them kindly agreed to an impromptu photo session & really entered into the spirit of things.

One of the things we love about flying Tiger Moths is the amazing people we meet, and hearing their stories. We often marvel about the roads we have all travelled to get here. What are the odds of us, David, Rebecca & Priscilla the Tiger all ending up in a Derbyshire Village on a beautiful winters day like today?