Tiger Moth Flights – Gift Voucher ~ 30 Minutes



What Happens on the Day?

Your journey back in time to the glorious era of magnificent flying machines will begin upon arrival at Vintage Flying. You will be warmly welcomed with some rousing period music as you check in for your experience. A comprehensive safety briefing by one of our uniformed personnel will follow, during which they will explain what will happen during your flight & answer any questions you may have. They’ll then assist you into a period flying suit, sheepskin jacket and flying scarf. The leather flying helmet & goggles come later!

Next you’ll be escorted airside & assisted into one of our gorgeous 1930’s Tiger Moths. Once you’re snugly inside the cockpit you will be carefully strapped in & receive a further cockpit briefing by a member of our air-crew who will also fit you with a leather flying helmet and goggles to complete your aviation equipment! Your Pilot – who is also a fully qualified Flying Instructor – will join you in the aircraft and the air-crew will hand you over to them, the Instructor will welcome you & explain the use of on-board communication equipment.

The engine start procedure will now begin, with the ground crew spinning the propeller, then it’s chocks away as your Flying Instructor taxys the aircraft into position and prepares for take off!
Your first take off in an open cockpit vintage bi-plane is something we guarantee you’ll remember for the rest of your life! The climb out, with views of Derbyshire and Staffordshire unfolding in front of you, will be quite breathtaking.

During the flight, whether you choose to take the controls and fly the Tiger Moth is entirely yours, you may just prefer to enjoy the ride & marvel at the views. If you wish to fly the aircraft you can, with an Expert Fully Qualified Flying Instructor to guide you through some basic manoeuvres, followed by some more advanced flying as you gain confidence! No matter what you decide, the experience is sure to leave you feeling awe inspired, possibly a little nostalgic, maybe even a touch magnificent!

When you return to the Airfield your landing will be as memorable as the take off. Our crew will be waiting to assist you out of the cockpit, there will be a debrief, during which you will have an opportunity to buy souvenirs and photographs, you can then stay as long as you please. Other flights will be departing and returning, watching them is an idyllic pastime.
An average experience is around 90 -120 minutes but some people enjoy the atmosphere so much they stay all day! Bring a picnic, bring some friends or family, dogs are welcome too! Prepare to relax as we take you back in time to the glorious days of early aviation.

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