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Tiger Moth Flights – 10 Minutes

£199.00 inc. VAT


Would you like to step back in time, to the early days of aviation, when magnificent men & ladies flew through the air in breathtakingly beautiful flying machines?  If this is the case, then our Tiger Moth Trial Flight is for you.

This trial flight will be in a vintage 1930’s Tiger Moth – from the glorious period of aviation when you flew by the seat of your pants. Your instructor will guide you every step of the way, so you get the full vintage aviator experience, including wearing a period jacket, goggles & obligatory white silk scarf.

The Tiger Moth has an excellent pedigree as a training vehicle –  in the 1940’s it was used by the RAF as the basic trainer for Pilots prior to flying the Spitfire & Hurricane.

Prior to your flight you will receive a full safety briefing & preliminary instruction.  You will then receive a further cockpit briefing, and will then take to the air for the flight of a lifetime.

During your flight you will be able to communicate with your pilot/instructor via radio, and will receive instruction on the basic manoeuvres used in aviation.

Are you ready to feel the wind in your hair as you travel through the air in this gentleman’s carriage? If you only plan on flying once in your life, do so in a Tigermoth, and it might give you a taste for more adventures in these amazing planes.  The excitement is truly infectious!

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  • climbing aboard a tiger moth
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