RIP Sir.

A note from Cherry Greveson.
I am deeply saddened to advise of the death last night of Squadron Leader W.E. (Bill) Lucas, DFC, MiD. Bill flew an amazing 81 ‘ops’ in RAF Bomber Command from 1941 – 1945, serving on 9 (Wellingtons) , XV (Stirlings) and 162 (Mosquitos) squadrons. He participated in all 3 ‘Thousand Bomber raids’ in 1942 and flew 40 of his 81 ‘ops’ as part of the LNSF in a Mosquito – ‘no armament’, he told me, ‘just speed and height’. He was also our oldest surviving Olympian, having participated in the 1948 Olympics running in the 5,000 metres. Not one of ‘The Greatest generation’ for nothing! Rest in Peace, Bill.

Bill served with XV Squadron whilst Sqd Ldr Drummond Wilson was there. On that fateful night of the 10th / 11th April 1942, Bill’s Stirling headed for Heligoland to drop mines, whilst Drummond headed for Essen. Almost certainly the last surviving XV Squadron pilot of that era.
I never got to meet him, but his connection to our story is tangible. A man ‘who was there’, did his duty and lived a full life.
You have our utmost respect and admiration….Thank You Bill