The whirlwind

Westland Whirlwind P7112 c.1941

Delivered to 39 MU (Maintenance Unit) RAF Colerne on the 26th of September 1941 and then to 263 Squadron on the 15th of October 41.
On the 15th of November ’41 she suffered Flak damage while being flown by F/O Cecil King (KIA 17/4/43). During that same month she went to Westland and in December she returned to 263 Squadron.
In February 1942 she was again damaged and on the 1st of April, she crashed while being flown by F/O Philip Harvey (KIA 17/4/43) at RAF Fairwood Common, Swansea.
She was struck off charge on the 7th of April 1942.

Total ops hours 43:50.

(Colorised by Rui Manuel Candeias)