Things to do while your loved ones flies a Tiger Moth – part 42-ish

Here’s a great looking event just down the road in Repton, this weekend. Sponsor a duck!

Repton is lovely, it is renowned for lots of reasons, just one being it was the capital of the Ancient Kingdom of Mercia.

We have no desire to regurgitate information you can readily find on Repton, everyone these days has their own preferred source, suffice to say it has an utterly fascinating history, and there is plenty there to satisfy the history buff in the family. They could easily while away a happy afternoon if you are the one who is planning to disappear on a trip to the Dams in a Tiger Moth!

Foodies will be very happy indeed in Repton as there are plenty of superb hostelries and eateries. It’s very hard to just pick one, but we can speak from experience about the Pizzas and the welcome for dogs (and their owners) in The Bulls Head – they’re both fantastic.

More to follow on Repton. Watch this space.

Please come and join this fun village event, ducks available to sponsor on the day