Things To Use An Iron For continued…..

A long time ago Mr Ford removed the iron from the homestead, to the intense relief of Mrs F who loathes ironing clothes. He stole it to build a Fokker Triplane with. Since then they have gone through quite a few irons, building and restoring a vast array of aircraft including Stearmen, Tiger Moths, Pieten Pole, Cub & a few other Fokkers.

Mr F is particularly partial to a rare steak, and it seems he may now be able to cook these for the Crew in the Hanger. I suspect he won’t though, as it might get his iron dirty, and he will need that to cover the Fokker DVII.

Sirloin Steak, beaten with a hammer, seasoned to taste – wrapped in tin foil and steam Ironed 2 mins either side to lock in flavour by Shirley A