Today something very special happened – this incredible photo shows Elon Musks car beginning its journey to Mars.

At Vintage Flying we might appear completely focussed on historical flight, but we couldn’t fail to be transfixed by the footage of the Rocket take off today. It brought back memories of sitting silently, huddled in a darkened classroom, watching the Apollo landings on the one black and white TV in the whole school. As the lunar module touched down the whole school held their breath. We knew then, even as small children, that something amazing and exciting had happened. We had gone to the moon!

Today was another one of those days. We are going to Mars!

Through a waterfall of cascading fire and smoke, SpaceX successfully launched its first Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket in operation anywhere in the world, and second only in strength to the Apollo-era leviathans that took crews to the moon.

Billionaire founder Elon Musk successfully launched one of his Tesla Roadsters on a course toward Mars. He revealed surreal live video feeds of the car cruising around the planet, complete with a “Don’t Panic” dashboard message, a dummy astronaut in the driver’s seat, and David Bowie on the radio.