Urgent Traffic Warning for anyone using the M1 this weekend below

If you’re visiting us this weekend and your journey involves the M1 please read this.

In case you missed it…

On Tuesday, we warned motorists that part of the M1 in Leicestershire will be closing at 10pm tonight, and is planned to remain closed all day tomorrow and reopen at 3pm on Sunday.

Although this closure is on Leicestershire Police’s patch – and the closure is being managed by Highways England to allow the Kegworth Bypass bridge to be constructed over the motorway as part of a major infrastructure construction development – this will impact on Derbyshire residents who may be planning on using the M1 this weekend, hence this warning and informing reminder.

Both carriageways of the motorway will close to all traffic between junctions 23A and 24. The southbound stretch will close at 10pm tonight, and the northbound carriageway is due to close around midnight. Both carriageways will be closed until approximately 3pm on Sunday, May 13, if everything goes to plan.

A signposted diversion route will be in place along the A453 for the entire length of the closure. This road runs adjacent to the motorway. See images.

Motorists – particularly anyone heading to East Midlands Airport EMA – should familiarise themselves with the diversion route and plan plenty of extra time for their journey, as congestion in and around those junctions – and on the A453 and surrounding roads, including the A42, the A6, the A50 and the A453 Remembrance Way towards Nottingham – is likely.

As stated, the affected stretch of the M1 is not policed by us but we are sharing this closure information as it will undoubtedly impact drivers to and from Derbyshire.

For more information on the closure, visit or contact Leicestershire Police.

Finally, please see a list of FAQs we’ve compiled based on the comments received on the original post. Please note that this account will not be thoroughly monitored over the weekend. If you have a query about travel time and length of likely delays, we’re unable to give definitive advice anyway as it’s impossible to predict how greatly this work will impact on the roads. Also if you want information on alternative routes, Google the area and plot out a route you feel will be less congested than the M1 and the A453 diversion route.

📌 FAQs

▪️Who has made this decision?

It’s not a policing decision, we can’t stress this enough. Although Leicestershire Police will be involved, it is being managed by Highways England as part of a major infrastructure construction development at SEGRO Logistics Park, East Midlands Gateway, near East Midlands Airport off the A453.

▪️Why does the M1 have to be closed in both directions?

The bridge spans both carriageways and therefore it wouldn’t be safe to leave any lane open to traffic. The only way to do it is with a full closure.

▪️Where will this new bridge be?

See the images. Basically it’s a new bridge for the Kegworth Bypass, which will become part of the A6. It’s being positioned just south of the existing Ashby Road bridge. Once the new bridge is in use, the Ashby Road bridge will become a pedestrian and cycle route only.

▪️What if I’m heading to East Midlands Airport for a flight? I may miss it!

You need to ensure that you allow extra time if you have a flight to catch as congestion around the airport is very likely. Plan your route well in advance and leave several hours earlier if you can to ensure you will get there on time.

▪️What about Fulham supporters returning home from the play-off match with Derby County tonight?

We’re aware of this but this work has been planned since October; Derby County’s fixture with Fulham FC Official was only finalised on Sunday when Derby secured their play-off place. As the work is on Leicestershire Police’s patch anyway, we have no jurisdiction over this project. Leicestershire Police did enquire with Highways England to see if the work could be delayed by an hour but at the time of writing the closure remains at 10pm. Fulham and Derby supporters will not be the only football fans potentially affected by this closure this weekend. Aston Villa FC fans travelling to Middlesbrough FC, Notts County Football Club fans travelling to Coventry City FC, Arsenal fans travelling to Huddersfield Town all may encounter delays, whilst potentially Chelsea Football Club fans heading to Newcastle United and possibly Watford FC fans on their way to Manchester United could also be affected.

▪️How much time should I add to my journey?

It really is impossible to say. Traffic around the area will almost certainly be congested due to the sheer volume of traffic expected, and there’s also the possibility of collisions and broken down vehicles over the weekend too. It’s impossible and impractical to predict how bad queues will be but we’d recommend that you leave much earlier than you planned.

▪️Will any other roads be closed?

At the time of publishing, no other road closures are planned.

▪️Is it this weekend only or any other weekends?

The plan is to have the work completed by Sunday afternoon. No further work is planned. Should this change, we will update this page.

▪️The A453 has a new roundabout (a traffic controlled island) in the centre of it. This will cause havoc!

For the purposes of this closure, the new traffic controlled island on the A453 diversion route will be coned straight through to maintain traffic flows.