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Clark Gable at the waist gun position of his B-17 Flying Fortress on RAF Polebrook airfield, Northamptonshire, UK, June 4, 1943

“On his first mission on May 4th 1943 he accompanied 351st group commander Lt Col. Will Hatcher to Antwerp, Belgium in “The 8 Ball MK11” (41-24635) with 303rd Bombardment Group . Gable fired a few rounds and suffered frostbite through wearing leather rather than heated gloves”

Dispatched to Polebrook, Northamptonshire with a film crew of five in April 1943, Gable produced and directed ‘Combat America’, which focused on the experience of aerial gunners. He flew on five missions in order to make the film before returning to the US to edit it. The film was completed in 1944.

Colorized by Jecinci
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